“I always thought a yard was three feet. Then I started mowing the lawn.”
                                              — Charles E. Cowman
As we close the book on Summer 2017, it will be remembered at Calvary as a busy one. The last few months not only had a high number of burials, but weather conditions put additional stress on the hardworking summer crew.
“I can’t remember a summer that’s been this busy…a funeral every other day,” commented Caretaker Terry Miller.
According to Terry, the summer has been averaging 13 to 15 burials a month. To put that in perspective, a busy year for Calvary would be 90 to 100 burials.
On top of that, unusually steady rainfalls have kept the grass growing at an aggressive rate. Mowing 40 acres of grass does take time. Terry and the hardworking summer crew have kept up Calvary’s well-groomed appearance, but it has been a tougher go this summer.
Although things have been brisk, it’s also been a satisfying summer. Many families have been served, and Calvary has fulfilled its mission to deliver a vital service to the greater Mankato community.