Rules & Regulations


  • No markers monuments or any permanent item may be placed in the cemetery without prior approval of the cemetery board.
  • Cemetery will mark the location of item to be placed.
  • Pot stands must be approved by cemetery board before any installation takes place.
  • Climbing or playing on cemetery monuments is NOT allowed.
  • Ground decorations are allowed one week before Memorial Day and must be removed the week after Memorial Day.
  • Artificial flowers must be changed twice a year to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Not responsible for broken vases.
  • The planting of any trees shrubs or bushes must be approved by cemetery board.
  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
  •  No skateboards, snowmobiles or ATVs allowed.
  • Speed limit 10 MPH.
  • Park and drive on blacktop only.
  • NO PETS.
  •  Hours are dawn to dusk.
  •  No firearms allowed.

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