Terry Miller, Calvary's Caretaker

Terry Miller, Calvary’s Caretaker

Calvary Cemetery is a full-service cemetery in the Catholic Diocese of Winona located at 200 Goodyear Avenue in Mankato, Minnesota.

Calvary’s full-time caretaker is Terry Miller. Terry is the fourth sexton of the expansive 40-acre park and began work there at age 12 when he started mowing the grounds for his father, Jerome “Jerry” Miller, Calvary’s caretaker for many years.

Although sites are available to anyone, Calvary Cemetery is the Catholic cemetery for the four Mankato area parishes: Saint Peter & Pauls, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Joseph the Worker and Holy Rosary in North Mankato.

A popular event each year is the celebration of Mass on Memorial Day at 8:45 a.m. with an attendance of 500 to 700 people in good weather. Although the Mass is held within the small Kasota Stone chapel, people bring lawn chairs and enjoy the celebration under the shaded canopy of the tall cedar trees that grace the grounds. Mass is also held on three other dates each year at  9 a.m.: the Fourth of July, Labor Day and All Souls Day.

Cemetery lots are available in three styles:

  • Family (upright monument)
  • Single (flat marker)
  • Cremation (Rosary Garden and Resurrection Garden areas)

Questions? Contact Terry Miller, our full-time caretaker, at

  • Office:  507.387.5784
  • Cell:   507.995.1010


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